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Statal Elementary School "Bruno Da Osimo"

1st didactic circle of OSIMO

Title Author Publishing House
Make-Believe with Barney L. Dowdy Penguin
Barney's Number Friends M. Bernthal Penguin
Barney Goes to the Zoo L. Dowdy Penguin
Adventure Hunt M. Bernthal Penguin
Barney's Colour Surprise M. Dudko Penguin
Barney Says "Follow Me" M. Dudko Penguin
Baby Bop's Counting Book M. Dudko Penguin
Barney at the Beach M. Dudko Penguin
The Very Busy Spider E. Carle Penguin
See the Rabbit A. Ahlberg Penguin
Baby Sleeps A. Ahlberg Penguin
Peepo! A. Ahlberg Penguin
Doll and Teddy A. Ahlberg Penguin
Blue Pram A. Ahlberg Penguin
Each Peach Pear Plum A. Ahlberg Penguin
Super Molly and the Lolly Rescue D. Postgate Penguin
Addy the Baddy and the Baby M. Joy Penguin
Lunch Boxes don't Fly M. Rosen Penguin
Ballet Magic on Stage H. Castor Penguin
Dragon Ride H. Cresswell Penguin
Ballet Magic H. Castor Penguin
Eddie the Duck H. Brennan Penguin
Uncle Douglas and Aunt Doris K. Wallace Penguin
Great-Aunt Iris Goes Hunting K. Wallace Penguin
Cousin Cedrig Goes Bananas K. Wallace Penguin
Only a Show A. Fine Penguin
The Witch's Dog and the Magic Cake F. Rodgers Penguin
The Same Old Story Every Year A. Fine Penguin
The Witch's Dog F. Rodgers Penguin
Barney's Book of Opposites M. Dudko Penguin
Miss Jump the Jockey A. Ahlberg Penguin
Mrs Wobbles the Waitress A. Ahlberg Penguin
Meg and Mog H. Nicoll Penguin
Mog's Box H. Nicoll Penguin
Mog in the Fog H. Nicoll Penguin
Owl at School H. Nicoll Penguin
Meg at Sea H. Nicoll Penguin
Meg's Egg H. Nicoll Penguin
Anna at the Supermarket C. Meclennan Penguin
The Diamond A. Wright Penguin
I Can't See My Feet A. Wright Penguin
The Picnic C. Meclennan Penguin
This is Ping C. Meclennan Penguin
Oh No, I'm a Cat A. Wright Penguin
The Hairy Tree Man A. Wright Penguin
Grandma's Photos C. Meclennan Penguin
The Red Kite C. Meclennan Penguin
You're a Cat C. Meclennan Penguin
The Birthday Party C. Meclennan Penguin
Daddy's Present C. Meclennan Penguin
Professor Puffendorf's Secret Potions K. Paul Penguin
Winnie the Witch K. Paul Penguin
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