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Didactic Material chosen by the didactic circle "Moretti"

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1st Didactic Circle "MORETTI"
Via Moretti, 79
63039 S.Benedetto del Tronto - AP
E-Mail: moretti@jth.it

Authors Title Publishing House
John Munby Communicative Syllabus Design (2 copie) Cambridge University Press
David Vale with Anne Feunteun Teaching English Children (2 copie) Cambridge University Press
Penny Ur A Course in Language Teaching (2 copie) Cambridge University Press
Paul Davis and Mario Rinvolucri Dictation (2 copie Cambridge University Press
Penny Ur Discussion That Work (2 copie) Cambridge University Press
John Morgan and Mario Rinvolucri Once Upon a Time (2 copie) Cambridge University Press
Easy Games in English ELI
Sing a Song ELI
Sing More Songs ELI
Tell and Sing a Story (serie completa) ELI
Ready to Read (serie blu, 6 volumi + 6 audiocassette) ELI
Ready to Read (serie gialla, 6 volumi + 6 audiocassette) ELI
Ready to Read (serie verde, 6 volumi + 6 audiocassette) ELI
Flip Posters Base ELI
Early Childhood 1 e 2 ELI
EarlyBird 1 e 2 ELI
Poster Attivi 1 e 2 ELI
Superbis ELI
Masks ELI
ELIKit (5 sets) ELI
Active English (Serie completa, 7 volumi) ELI
N. 5 Cd-Rom Play With Words Elemond - Mondadori
Elk English Language Kit Elemond
Frank L. Baum
Anne Rice
Collana di Narrativa:
At the Castle of Oz (2 copie)
The Crocodile Rock (2 copie)
Elemond - Mondadori
BBC New English Course - 12 Cd GGallery Editrice S.R.L.
Cd-Rom Sing Play Heinemann
Cd-Rom Story World Heinemann
Sue Mohamed
Maria José
Pepita Subira
The Big Red Bus Ride(video pack) Heinemann
Lindy Enny and Shelagh Rixon Look Alive (video pack+activity book) Heinemann
Jackie Holderness - Annie Hughes 100+ Ideas for Children (book + cassette) Heinemann
Macmillan Heinemann Heinemann
David Paul Song and Games for Children (book + cassette)
Serie di Guide Pratiche:
HandBook for the English Classroom ( 2 copie per ogni testo)
Juan Jesus Zaro - Sagrario Salaberri Storytellling Heinemann
Sheila Estaire - Javier Zanon Planning Classwork Heinemann
Michael Harris - Paul Mccann Assessment Heinemann
Ramon Ribé - Nuria Vidal Project Work Heinemann
Sagrario Salaberri Classroom Language Heinemann
Miniflashcards Resource Pak Longman
D. Dallas
C. Skinner
G. Gerngross
Longman Young Readers (n. 3 serie audiocassette) Longman
Wendy Harris Muzzy in Gondoland Study Set Longman
Diana Webster Muzzy Comes Back Study Set Longman
Gail Ellis We're Kids in Britain (video - Activity Book) Longman
Susan Halliwel Primary English Language Teaching Video (formato PAL VHS) Longman
Cd-Rom Zak's Wordgames Longman
Cd-Rom Longman Interactive English Dictionary Longman
Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture Longman
Longman Idioms Dictionary Longman
Britain in Close Up Longman
Rosie Tunner and Catherine Green Tasks for Teacher Education - Course + Trainer's Book
Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers (2 copie per ogni testo) Longman
Jeremy Harmler The Practice of English Language Teaching Longman
Jane Willis Longman
Susan Halliwel Longman
John Palim and Paul Power Longman
Jeremy Harmer Longman
Wendy A. Scott and Lisbeth H. Ytreberg Longman
N. 2 Cd-Rom Let's Go (livelli 1 e 2) Oxford University Press
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary Oxford University Press
Carol Barnett Stepping Into English (livelli 1-2-3, 3 copie) Oxford University Press
English Readers Today (livelli 1-2-3-4-5-6, 2 copie) Oxford University Press
The materials published on this site can be used freely. In case of publication, websites included, please request the authorization of the Teachers Resources Center.