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Berlusconi-Schulz incident: reflections

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Recent reflections on the occasion of the Berlusconi Schulz (now President of the European Parliament) incident at the EU Council of Ministers on July 2, 2003

German surnames have roots in days bygone
and the Schulzes or Schultzes surnamewise
Are ‘battalions and not single spies’
The list is long and goes on and on
Schultz was the likeable Nazi aviator
That saved the barber in “The Great Dictator”
Schultz was the scapegoat Gestapo turnkey
In Lubitsch’s ‘To be or not to be’
And Schulz’s was only one of the score
Good Restaurants in the Ghetto of Warsaw
The reign of good service and good cheer
That put some normalcy in the Reign of Fear
Let’s not forget Karl and Otto Schulz and how
Well they fared in Mauthausen and Dachau
Or the “Hogan’s Hero’s” jailer clown
A fictional Wehrmacht omadhaun
Or that Goebbels and his student crooks
Would have burned Martin Schulz and his books

In his new capacity as President
Of the European two-seat Parliament
Martin Schulz has a chance to prove his mettle
Closing down the Brussels-Strasbourg shuttle
A bout of chauvinistic foolishness
Out of place in the House of Seriousness
Ripe at long last for the necessary cuts
To costs that aren’t like Charles M. Schulz’s peanuts

Lamberto Bozzi
February 18, 2012

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