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Giuseppe Bottai and Bernhard Rust: Education Ministers

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Giuseppe Bottai and Bernhard Rust: Education Ministers
Giuseppe Bottai e Bernhard Rust: Ministri dell’Istruzione

“Es ist nichts schrecklicher als eine tätige Unwissenheit” - Goethe

“La scuola aveva bisogno di un incompetente energico” - Mussolini

“Rust (der Unterrichtsminister) ein neuen Mass, wie in der Physik ‘Hertz’. Die Lehrer sagen: “Ein Rust ist der Zeitraum zwischen eine Verfügung und ihrer Aufhebung” - Victor Klemperer

A Minister of Education
‘energetic and incompetent’
Was Mussolini’s top option
For Italy proletarian and Fascist
In that case I don’t know why
He chose a man like Bottai
An intelligent party militant
Diarist legionnaire interventionist
What he was his German counterpart was not
As Adolf Hitler up in Berlin
Appointed to the post an absolute clot
literally out of the loony bin
Both had the racial laws as their guideline
But Bernhard Rust censured even Einstein

(Lamberto Bozzi, 11.5.2012)

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