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Mazurca di Dabrowski

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March! March, Dabrowsky!

March from Italy to Poland!

(Dalla Mazurca di Dabrowski/ Mazurek D¹browski, l'inno nazionale polacco/the National Anthem of Poland)


The words of the anthem, sung to the tune of The old mazurca , were written in 1797 by Jozep Wybicki (1774-1822), an officer of Napoleon's Polish Legion stationed in Reggio Emilia, in honour of General D¹browski. Wybicki wrote them in the Bishop's palace. In 1926 Mazurek D¹browski/ Dabrowsky's mazurca was officially declared Poland's National Anthem.

The Italian National Anthem (Inno di Mameli) also mentions the blood shed by the Poles during the wars of independence from Austria's yoke.

G ia l'Aquila d'Austria

Le penne ha perdute.

Il sangue d'Italia

Il sangue polacco,

Beve col cosacco

Ma il cor le brucio.

Testo completo nel sito del Quirinale/ Full text in the Quirinale web site.

Nel 1961, per il centenario dell' Unita italiana, il tenore Mario Del Monaco ha cantato l'inno nazionale/In 1961, during the Centennial celebrations of Italian Unity, tenor Mario Del Monaco sang the National Anthem/Del Monaco ha vissuto, studiato ed e sepolto a Pesaro vestito da Otello/Del Monaco lived, studied and is now buried in Pesaro dressed in his Othello costume):

In 1847 Michele Novaro set to music the words (written by Goffredo Mameli) in the Turin home of Lorenzo Valerio. Valerio became the King's Commissioner in the Marches after the annexation of the region to the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. He also founded the Pesaro observatory named after him (Osservatorio Valerio).

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