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Up in the Apennines, almost a mile high,

Sits a trim village so close to the sky

That in Winter the ground constantly shifts

As the snow doesn't come level but it drifts.


The snow may fall and the snow may drift

But the trim village never gets snowbound

"Clipper" a huge snowplow soon gets around

"Clipper" the emigrants' welcome gift.


The happy motorist, to his delight,

Finds the road free and finds the road clear

He drives with no effort to a great height

Up, up the slope, always in fifth gear.


Capracotta is the Queen of winter sports

A pearl all white among all ski resorts

Here one can ski all day and ski his fill

Whether it be cross-country or downhill.


The village name is really worthy of note

It may derive from a Roman camp brick wall,

From two ancient words for 'rocky' and 'tall',

Or from the Lombard way to cook a goat.


It's the Lombard name that probably stuck

To this spot between two mountain tops:

Capracotta is a name that brings good luck

Along with visions of tasty meat chops.


And Capracotta is never so superb

As on the day of the 'Pezzata' feast

When the mountain village namesake beast

Is cooked and seasoned with local spice and herb.


Capracotta is one warm family

The reign of nobleness and chivalry

The Capracottese are tied by a bond

Going beyond all description, far beyond.


A strong bond that never lets them forget

Their native village come what come might

Now they keep in touch on the internet:

Capracotta has her own website.


As the Mayor put it in his website address

A Capracottese home away from home

Be it in London, in New York or in Rome

Is an embassy to Capracotteseness.


Once the German troops in full retreat

-The German troops put to swift rout-

Turned the good people out on the street

And Capracotta was burned out.


It was back in the year nineteen forty-three

But the Capracottese didn't have to flee

They found shelter under the vast roof

Of the Parish church that was fireproof.


The Parish Church with its treasures of art

Stands tall in the very village heart

It's the real center of all the local life

And the place where to be pronounced man and wife.


Every third year the emigrants race

back to Capracotta their dear birthplace:

And what virtual world wide web could ever compare

With a real world wide meeting in the village square?


Here those who like to walk can walk on air

Along the paths, wild or laid out with care,

The mountain bikers find the countryside

The ideal ground for a long rough ride.


In Capracotta the sly gourmet finds

Truffles, mushrooms and cheeses of all kinds

Like the 'Caciocavallo' fine as a side dish

(Kasckavalle means milk paste in Turkish!).


A 10-hectare botanical garden arranges

Apennines plants of every form and hue

A stunning garden with a stunning view

On the Mainarde and on the Maiella ranges.


In Capracotta man and nature are one

White is all white and green is all green

-All colors here have a special sheen-

Life is fulfilling and also great fun.

(Lamberto Bozzi, September 1999)

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