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Cattolica, a 1769 Guide

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On the road from Rimini to Pesaro, lies La Catolica, a village whose small church, still in being, is famous as the shelter of those bishops, who, separating from the famous council of Rimini, held a meeting in it to protest against the decisions of that council. If the country people in Romania may be judged of by those who received us in a cottage of this village, and their neighbours who flocked to see us, the rustics here certainly differ from the towns people more than in any other country. In these good folks, almost all fishermen, we found a candour, openness, and morals which amazed us, and the more, as a total disinterestedness was among their good qualities. They assured us that the inhabitants of the neighbouring mountains were to the full as good as themselves; that they had, one and all, rather die than be like the people in the towns on the great road, whom they call canaglia maledetta, an abandoned breed; in a word, that if there be any truly good people in the world, the territory of St. Marino is the place where they are to be found.

From the hill, on the summit of which stands La Catolica, we were shewn the place where once stood a city now covered with the sea, which gained there what it lost in receding from Rimini.

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