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Jesi - A rhyming guide

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Jesi - A rhyming guide

di Lamberto Bozzi

1. Profilo

A remarkably romantic skyline

Reflects the city's unequalled design

2. Le Mura di Jesi (XV secolo)

It was a Florentine architect

Who strengthened the ancient city walls

With state-of-the art structures hard to detect

To shield Jesi from raids and cannon balls

3. Piazza Federico II

This monolith, this stone monument

Marks the spot where Emperor Frederick

Was born under a military tent

In the square of a city made of brick

4. Palazzo della Signoria

The Palazzo of all the Jesini

Was designed by an architect

Who was never less than perfect:

Francesco di Giorgio Martini

5. Palazzo Colocci

Enrichetta, Vespucci's last offspring,

Was the most famous resident

Of Palazzo Colocci, fit for a king

And fitter for a US President

6. Arco dei Verroni

Eusebio Verroni ordered an archway

To put his Roman origins on display

7. Teatro Pergolesi

In this opera house sang Anna Guidarini,

A soprano whose voice was firm and clear.

A sweet lady she was, sweet and dear

To her devoted child Gioachino Rossini

8. Casa di Raffaele Sabbatini

(a.k.a Rafael Sabatini)

Jesi 1900 - Adelboden 1950

9 November 2001

On a very wet day the Mayor of the Jesini

Unveiled a memorial slab concise and witty

With words hinting at Granger, Flynn and tinsel city

That would have pleased no end Rafael Sabatini

9. Chiesa di San Pietro Apostolo

A double staircase, a façade with two belfries

And St. Peter inside getting his keys

10. Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie

costruito su una Cappella votiva

edificata in meno di 24 ore nel 1456

e dedicata alla Vergine Maria

per la liberazione della citta dalla peste

To thank the Virgin for keeping the city out of harm's way

A chapel in the Sanctuary was built in less than one day

11. Giambattista Pergolesi (1710-1736)

Creator of the opera buffa

La Serva Padrona is great fun

And well deserved a very long run

In fun loving Naples where Pergolesi

Was affectionately known as 'Jesi'

12. Chiesa di San Nicolo, l'edificio piu antico di Jesi

In the month of April 2002

The good Jesini stood in a long queue

At a Carmelite charity draw

In the little church of San Nicolo

13. Arco clementino

Clemente XII impedi al Cardinale Alberoni

di sopprimere la Repubblica di San Marino

Cardinal Alberoni had San Marino in his grip

When Pope Clement XII gave him the slip

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