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Rimini, a 1769 Guide

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After passing the Rubicon which the Pizatello and another small river claim the honour of representing, we arrived at Rimini over a bridge, all built of blocks of the finest white marble. The inscription, still intire, attributes it to Augustus and Tiberius. This bridge, equally worthy of notice for its strength and fine preservation, is the most intire monument of the Augustan age. Time, which disfigures and destroys the monuments of mere ostentation erected in honour of the Casa divina , seems to have spared this in regard to its design and usefulness. It consists of three complete arches, and on proportions recommended by Palladio as models. On each key-stone is a symbol of the priesthood or augurate. The Lituus , seen there in great, is absolutely the very same thing as the crosier of the modern Roman catholic bishops. Rimini had also a harbour, lined by Augustus with the like magnificence, but becoming useless by the withdrawing of the sea, it was demolished about the middle of the 15 th century : Pandolphus Malatesta made use of the materials for building St. Francis's church, in which it must be owned architecture has displayed whatever it was capable of before the revival of the fine arts.

Rimini cathedral, which was built on the foundations of a temple of Castor and Pollox, is dedicated to St. Columba, to whom Sens in France gave birth, and where she likewise died. I could get no information on what account the ancient inhabitants of Rimini chose this saint for their patroness : as to examining whether this choice was a consequence of the continuation of a fraternity between the Senonese of France and those of Romania, till the first ages of the christian era, that I refer to others.

On leaving Rimini you pass under a triumphal arch, raised in honour of Augustus, after a thorough repair of the great roads in Italy, all which concentered at Rimini, where, if I mistake not, began the Via triumphalis . This arch being much sunk and flattened by time, bears no farther likeness to the bridge than in its being of white marble (a).

(a) It is known by these proportions, in the medal struck in honour of Augustus, on the repair of the Via Flaminia , with this inscription, quod viae mun. sunt.

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