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The Rhyming Biography of Lee Iacocca

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The Rhyming Biography of Lee Iacocca (fragment)

Lincoln, Eisenhower, La Fayette,

All the Americans in the Hall of Fame,

Those mentioned by Stephen Vincent Benet,

The Soldier that sleeps in a grave with no name,

And patriots remembered like Philip Mazzei

Command admiration and respect;

But brighter than all in the whole company

Shines the Father figure of Robert E. Lee

That lost a lost war accepting the blame

Retired from office and quietly became

The President of Washington Academy.

He had some fight left, he was fifty-eight,

He molded content the shape of young brains:

His peaceful attacks against brotherly hate

In glory surpassed all his glorious campaigns.

Some doubted the Republic could beget

Another folk hero like the first Lee,

But one day well draped Miss Liberty

Saw Nicola Iacocca and Antoinette

Get off a crowded boat from Italy.

This Nicola, an immigrant citizen,

Did business and raised a close family

In Allentown, in the State of Penn,

-A State not nice to Catholic and Jew-

Nick was a man that could be looked up to.

He had two children and one of the two


(Lamberto Bozzi)

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