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The Wild West

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Cowboys (1) (2) (3) (4) , Indians, Italians and the Wild West

Few peoples are more involved in the movies than the Italians whose film industry dates back to the very birth of the cinema: Filoteo Alberini (1865-1937) was a pioneer on an equal footing with the Lumiere brothers (1) (2), the first colossal ( Cabiria (1) (2) , 1914) was made in Italy with captions by Gabriele D'Annunzio , Neorealism started with Visconti' s Ossessione the year before the downfall of Fascism, and in one genre in particular the Italians have managed to become more American than the Americans inventing the quintessential western movie, also (infamously) known as S paghetti Western ( For a Fistful of Dollars , For a Few Dollars more, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, etc.) with the help of a true U.S. star like Clint Eastwood T he Man with no Name , an outstanding Italian actor like Gian Maria Volonté , a former bit player (some bit player!) of the stature of Lee Van Cleef and a composer like Ennio Morricone.

In some of his novels ( Centennial, Texas, etc. ) James A. Michener has such a fresh and stimulating approach to the west as to make the cinema buff want to see over and over again those classic movies, like High Noon , Stagecoach , Red River, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance , etc. and the entire vibrant S paghetti cycle of course.

There were a lot of adventurers out west in those days, like Count Carlo DiRudio , from Belluno (1) (2), one of the three Italian 'terrorists' (the others were Felice Orsini and Antonio Gomez) who threw chemical bombs at Napoleon III' s carriage in front of the Paris Opera House in 1858. DiRudio ended up (along with five more Italians) in Custer's 7 th Cavalry but was away on duty when the regiment was annihilated at Little big Horn.

Shelley Winters, also known as Shirley Schrift

If I'm not for myself, then who am I for ?

But if I'm only for myself, then who am I ?

And if not now, when ?"

(Hillel 1 st century Jewish scholar and teacher)

Actress Shelley Winters quotes Hillel's exceptional saying in her autobiography entitled "Shelley also known as Shirley" (Schrift). Miss Winters, who played Mrs. Van Daan in "The Diary of Anne Frank" , was once married to Vittorio Gassman, the late distinguished actor. Miss Winters' great-aunt was actress Katharina Schratt , the mistress of Emperor Franz Joseph . Franz and Katharina appear in chapter seven of James A. Michener's bestselling historical novel "Poland", a compelling description of Italy's sister country through the centuries.

American Memory Library of Congress. Inventing Entertainment - The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies

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