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Spreti and Wollf

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Pesaro: Complesso “Il Platano”, già Concessionaria Fiat, già magazzino della famiglia Spreti
Pesaro: The ‘Plane tree buildings’, formerly a Fiat dealership, formerly the Spreti family’s storehouse


The Von Spreti-Weilbach of Germany
Are an offspring of the same kith and kin
Of the Spreti lineage in Italy
- Both countries have a common history -
I once bought a garage in what had been
The Spreti’s storehouse near Countermines’ street
For the produce of their Pesaro country seat


Young Count Hans Erwin Karl Martin Ernst
Von Spreti - slain when the Röhm boil burst
In the Badwiessee infighting foul play -
Was Karl Wolff’s friend and counterpart in the S.A.


Karl Wolff, the SS Reichsführer’s close mate,
Desk general and police envoy
Packed off to Mussolini’s doomed Rump State
As the Salò Republic’s viceroy
In which capacity - like an employee -
He sent a stunned Allen Dulles his CV
And in return was given a clean slate

(Lamberto Bozzi, 19/09/2015)

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