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“Stella Maris” offers a comprehensive source of sea-related information to all seafarers around the world, with particular attention to the Catholic organizations operating at this level.

The Sea, the four Oceans, Hurricanes, Currents and the Waves, Sharks, Dolphins, Whales.

Climate processes over the Oceans

Defending the Oceans

Oceanography/Databases and Datasets- Ocean data (66 links).

Legambiente Website (Italian)

Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea

Thetis, Design of a Data Management and Data Visualization System for coastal zone management of the Mediterranean:

“The International Festival of the Sea”, Portsmouth 24-27 August

“Parco le Navi” in Cattolica (Italian)

“Gulf of Maine Aquarium”

“Santuario dei Cetacei” (Italian)

Whale Watch in the Mediterranean Sea (whales, Dolphins and other cetaceans…)

FAO, Scientific Cooperation to support responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea (English, Italian, Croatian, Albanian)

Located in Fano is the Lab of marine biology and fishing of the University of Bologna

A Senigallia, in Via Maierini, già Strada del Tamburo, si trova una lapide:

 Qui sorgeva la casa dei Vennarucci

Che passata ai fratelli Battaglioni

Ospitò dal 14 al 18 Maggio 1789

Luigi Galvani

Il quale nel pesce  torpedine del nostro mare

Esercitò positivi esperimenti sull’elettricità

In collaborazione col condiscepolo

Ed amico Giuseppe Battaglioni

Medico comprimario di Senigallia

Luigi Galvani, professor of anatomy at the University of Bologna

L.Galvani/The Catholic Encyclopedia

Die Froesche des Dr.Galvani

By-The-Sea Boatbuilders’ Forum

The "Paguro" platform, an artificial reef in the sea of Ravenna:

Surface motions at convergent plate margins: the Apennines

Croatian hydrographic institute

Project Adriatic – an internet-wired sailing project in the Croatian Adriatic

Islands sites

Crete and the Aegean Islands:


Malta’s Portal:

The Gibraltare homepage:

Port Said:

(from here it's possible to view the sites of Damietta and Ras Gharib(Egypt), the persic gulf, Mogadiscio (Somaly), Massaua and Assab (Eritrea), Limassol (Cipro), Port Sudan and Suakin (Sudan), Hodeidah (Yemen), Salalah (Oman). Some arrows indicate the points of transit at the sites of occidental africa, middle orient and meridional europe.

The materials published on this site can be used freely. In case of publication, websites included, please request the authorization of the Teachers Resources Center.