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Proverbs for the Elementary School

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Proverbs for the Elementary School

English Proverbs for the Elementary School - Schoolteachers of the Province of Macerata

  • A Penny saved is a Penny earned

  • Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • All is not gold that glitters

  • No news, good news

  • Bad news travels fast

  • Waste not want not

  • Haste makes waste

  • Still waters run deep

  • Time and tide wait for no man

  • Time is money

  • Business is business

  • No rose without thorns

  • Rome was not built in one day

  • When you are in Rome do as the Romans do

  • Speech is silver, silence is golden

  • Union is strength

  • Little strokes fell great oaks

  • Red at night, sailor's delight

  • Too much breaks the bag

  • Better late than never

  • Kind words go a long way

  • A good friend is a treasure

  • A lie has no legs

  • A healthy mind is a healthy body

  • Beginnings are always hard

  • Too many cooks spoil the broth

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