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The plus sign + indicates addition

  • 3+4=7 (three and four is seven)

The minus sign - indicates subtraction

  • 4-2=2 (four minus two is two)

The sign of division is ÷

  • 10÷2=5 (ten divided by two is five)

The sign of multiplication is x

  • 3x3=9 (three by three is nine/or three times three is nine)

= the equals sign

$ (the dollar sign)

Some of the grouping signs used in mathematics are:

( ) parentheses (singular: parenthesis)

{ } braces

[ ] brackets

The square root sign (the radical sign)

The sign ? indicates square root

The sign is placed over the number the root of which is to be found, for example ? 144 means the square root of 144

53 five cubed/five to the third power

Question : How many dimensions has a solid?

Answer : Three: lenght, breadth, and thickness.

A circle is a curved line


To find the circumference of the circle I multiply the diameter by

p (the Greek letter pi)

A tangent to a circle is a line touching the circle at one point only

Pythagora's Theorem

The square of the hypothenuse of a right triangle

Is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides


(An axiom is an assumption we accept without proof):

"The halves of a quantity are equal"

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