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Questa e-mail circolare viene inviata alle docenti marchigiane in possesso della certificazione B1 (QCER) ottenuta al termine dei corsi del ‘Piano di formazione linguistico-comunicativa e metodologico–didattica in lingua inglese nella scuola primaria - MIUR. II collegamenti in essa contenuti sono un efficace e gratuito ausilio per l’autoaggiornamento ed il passaggio dal livello B1 a quelli successivi.

  1. Yes – It will be a good day (with subtitles)
  2. The cute Yes Comics are back (with subtitles)
  3. Charlie explains Origami
  4. The Japanese Tradition (in Japanese with English subtitles): http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=8508605595718011028&q=origami+with+subtitles&total=6&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2
  5. The British Anthem (with lyrics)
  6. Star-spangled banner Sing-Along
  7. Christmas sing-along-songs: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-5418427129354367885&q=sing+along+songs&total=8052&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2
  8. Barbie as the Island princess sing-along
  9. Barbie as the Island princess – when we have love: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-6087852381964905022&q=sing+along+stories&total=928&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=7
  10. Unwritten sing-along
  11. Why
  12. National anthems
  13. 'Do you love me?’
  14. ‘Anatevka’
  15. ‘If I were a rich man’
  16. ‘Tradition’
  17. ‘Matchmaker’
  18. ‘Sabbath Prayer’
  19. ‘To life – LeChaim’
  20. ‘Bottle dance’ (solo musica, senza sottotitoli)
  21. “Elephant song” (subtitled)
  22. “The Godfather soundtrack” (subtitled)
  23. Free Audio Book “The Happy Prince”
  24. Sunset Boulevard (10 min.) /sottotitolato/
  25. So long Jimmy
  26. Caption Maker
  27. “It’a a Wonderful Life”
  28. Beauty and the Beast
  29. Hearing loss in the family
  30. How to fry an egg
  31. Developing Javascript with chickenfoot (Google tech talk)
  32. Keeping kids healthy (fire safety)
  33. Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=5772236152446914238&q=closed+captioned+school+kids&total=89&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=6
  34. Wikipedia - Basic English picture wordlist
  35. Nursery Rhymes:
  36. Serie Real English MPG – Lesson 12: What’s the weather like today? http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-6997834699576913430&q=closed+captioned+lessons&total=117&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1
  37. Versione sottotitolata di “The Sound of Silence” di Simon and Garfunkel
  38. Video sottotitolato
  39. Discorso sottotitolato di Martin Luther King
  40. Basic English 2
  41. Sequenza di “Pride and Prejudice” dalla quale potreste risalire alle restanti 12. http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-7541592242831888822
  42. Giving directions http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-7234985812552432748&q=close+english+captions&total=222&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=3
  43. Barak Obama “Yes we can” speech
  44. Gene Kelly “singing in the rain”: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-1366236622730584441&q=gene+kelly+with+subtitles&total=3&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2
  45. Star Trek movie trailer
  46. ”Where can I go?”, una canzone in English/Yiddish.
    Vi ho trascritto il testo inglese:
    “Where can I go?”
    An Yiddish song (half in Yiddish half in English)

    Tell me where can I go
    There’s no place I can see
    Where to go where to go
    Every door is closed for me
    To the left to the right
    It’s the same in every light
    There is nowhere to go
    And it’s me who should know
    Won’t you please understand
    Now I know where to go
    Where my folks proudly stay
    Let me go let me go
    To that precious Promised Land
    No more left no more right
    Lift your head and see the light
    I am proud can’t you see
    For at last I am free
    No more wandering for me

  47. Maestro Luciano Pavarotti: “Che gelida manina” (sottotitoli in inglese)
  48. How to sew on a button (immagini e didascalie)
  49. “Kathleen Mavourneen” cantata a due voci, dal film “Gettysburg”:
    (Mavourneen significa ‘my darling’ in gaelico)

    "Kathleen Mavourneen" (1837)
    Words Mrs. Marion Crawford
    Music by Frederick Nicholls Crouch, 1808-1896
    Kathleen mavourneen! the gray dawn is breaking,
    The horn of the hunter is heard on the hill,
    The lark from her light wing the bright dew is shaking,
    Kathleen mavourneen, what slumbering still?
    Oh! hast thou forgotten how soon we must sever?
    Oh! hast thou forgotten this day we must part,
    It may be for years, and it may be forever,
    Oh! why art thou silent thou voice of my heart?
    It may be for years, and it may be forever,
    Then why art thou silent Kathleen mavourneen?
    Kathleen mavourneen, awake from thy slumbers,
    The blue mountains glow in the sun's golden light,
    Ah! where is the spell that once hung on thy numbers,
    Arise in thy beauty, Thou star of my night,
    Arise in thy beauty, Thou star of my night.
    Mavourneen, mavourneen, my sad tears are falling,
    To think that from Erin and thee I must part,
    It may be for years, and it may be forever,
    Then why art thou silent, thou voice of my heart?
    It may be for years, and it may be forever,
    Then why art thou silent, thou voice of my heart?
    Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathleen_Mavourneen"
  50. “Blogs in plain English”
  51. Copioni cinematografici
  52. Sitografia inglese
  53. (Baseball) – Signs of the time (trailer with subtitles): http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-2632624985302203295&q=documentaries+with+subtitles&total=1231&start=60&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2
  54. Read this number if you can
  55. Martello Towers
  56. James Blunt: “Cry”
  57. James Blunt: “No bravery”
  58. Yiddish with Dick and Jane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7ABxyj7ZoQ
  59. FIAT AD (with English subtitles)
  60. Macbeth (with English subtitles)
  61. Documentary clip (with English subtitles)
  62. Learn Spanish words
  63. Learn basic Spanish words
  64. Learn Spanish
  65. Amadeus – Salieri y Mozart
  66. Pat Boone: “words” (are easy to be spoken…)
  67. Pat Boone: “Speedy Gonzales” (karaoke): http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-4299752434648863090&q=pat+boone+words&total=20&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=8
  68. Beniamino Gigli back in the UK in 1946
  69. Othello
  70. Laurel and Hardy: “Video clip”(3 min.): http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-8343676057366617164
  71. Webquests.org - Web quest activities to be done in the language lab. Very nice and useful for modern didacticts
  72. English proverbs
  73. English proverbs - Wikiquote
  74. Physical Education in the Primary School
  75. Jimmy Durante – GOOD NIGHT!
  76. The Phantasm of the Opera (Karaoke)
  77. CLIL*: quattro interventi dei Prof.ri Hugo Baetens Beardsmore e David Marsh al convegno ministeriale internazionale di Imperia di Aprile 2008.
    • CLIL for the Knowledge Society (Intro)
    • CLIL for the Knowledge Society
    • CLIL for the Knowledge Society (Hugo Baetens Beardsmore)
    • CLIL for the Knowledge Society (David Marsh / Eurydice)
      * What is CLIL?
      CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. In CLIL, teachers and learners of content subjects (e.g. geography, history, art and design) use a foreign or second language as the medium of communication and instruction. CLIL is widely seen as an excellent means of learning a language, and of introducing international aspects into the teaching of content subjects.
      In the Netherlands CLIL is also known as TTO: Twee Talig Onderwijs. At present there are over 25 TTO secondary schools in the Netherlands and the number is growing steadily. More and more parents want their children to learn secondary school subjects in another language. In the Dutch setting this is normally English.
      CLIL is also used in higher education, especially in business studies programmes with a strong international element. The University of Utrecht (IVLOS) has recently started an English-medium one-year postgraduate teacher-training programme in English (grade one), using CLIL. The Amsterdam Faculty of Education is now introducing English-medium elements in its four-year teacher training programmes (grade two).
      The European Union aims has as an aim that its citizens know three of the community languages and supports CLIL as one of the ways of reaching this goal. In the Netherlands, the European Platform (www.europeesplatform.nl) has a coordinating role for CLIL and TTO.
    • Terminology Database (FAQ)
  78. Karaoke: Rose Rose I love you
  79. Father Noah’s Ark
  80. The Internet Movie Database
  81. French Revolution
  82. Una raccolta di animazioni molto carine per la scuola primaria con qualche esempio:
  83. Using pop music to learn English (“nella sezione karaoke ci sono tante canzoni inglesi”)
  84. Copioni cinematografici
  85. Multiplication Tables:
  86. “The Lion and the Monkey - Limerick”
  87. “Road Runner Grammar”
  88. “A nation once again” (Ireland)"
  89. “Monty Python – Italian class”
  90. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain:
  91. Audio books with texts
  92. Audio books and poetry (other sections)
  93. Video della “American Montessori Society”: “Imagine a school where children can progress at their own pace, regardless of their ability…”
  94. Frank Sinatra “Strangers in the Night”
  95. Karaoke – no voice – “Strangers in the Night”
  96. Sequenza iniziale di “Captain Blood” di Raffaele Sabatini
  97. TEA
  98. Soap Opera Episode 12
  99. Enjoy life learn English (karaoke): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_C7FgAkzv4
  100. Do you speak English?
  101. Film “Blood and Sand”
  102. Dal film “Guys and dolls” (Bulli e Pupe):
  103. Plot of “ Guys and Dolls”
  104. The Platters: Only you
  105. The Platters: Smoke gets in your eyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugGh-jYJRtk
  106. Sitografia inglese per il reperimento di risorse:
  107. Elvis Presley “Are you lonesome tonight” – karaoke
  108. David Sarnoff - Wikipedia
    • 1939 - Introduction to television – excerpt
      ”It is with a feeling of humbleness that I come to this moment of announcing the birth in this country of a new art so important in its implications that it is bound to affect all society. It is an art which shines like a torch of hope in a troubled world. It is a creative force which we must learn to utilize for the benefit of all mankind (the invention was of course television…)
  109. Discorso in inglese di un ex maestro autodidatta (British Movietone News).
    ATTENZIONE! La pronuncia è molto inferiore a quella richiesta dal livello B1 del Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento
  110. La “Corsa dei Ceri” 15 maggio a Gubbio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1vBmT0WTKo
  111. a Jessup (Pennsylvania): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corsa_dei_Ceri
  112. video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZfHoWjyRdo
  113. The Yellow Submarine:
  114. The Beatles:
  115. Wiki in plain English
  116. TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language):
  117. Superman (1940s cartoons):
  118. Frank Sinatra “My Way” (with subtitles)
  119. Pinocchio previews (with captions)
  120. Pavarotti – M’appari – Martha – Von Flotow
  121. Patti Page – TheTennessee Waltz
  122. The Tennessee Waltz – Karaoke
  123. The wedding - Karaoke
  124. As tears go by - Karaoke
  125. Charlie Chaplin – The Kid – 1921 (silent)
  126. Perry Como al ‘Musichiere’ 14.9.1958 - Part 1
  127. Engelbert Humperdinck: Blue Spanish Eyes (karaoke): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIkbgUqSIGc
  128. Elvis Presley: Blue Spanish Eyes
  129. Al Martino (Wikipedia)
  130. Marceau talks! Silent movie – Mel Brooks, 1976: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt5RaT53th0
  131. Sabrina (1954 film) (Wikipedia):
  132. Mandy Moore
  133. Connie Francis
  134. Elvis Presley - Can’t help falling in love (karaoke): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVzXj1RND_M
  135. Rio Bravo (film) – Wikipedia
  136. The body song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu5sg4ccvpI
  137. Gone with the Wind/Via col vento (Wikipedia)
  138. Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie, “In the Ghetto” (with subtitles)
  139. Elvis Presley, “In the Ghetto”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmVFnhO3A98
  140. Subtitles in English (Wikipedia)
  141. Film “Ladri di Biciclette” di Vittorio De Sica:
  142. Film 'Pocahontas':
  143. Colours of the wind (Sing-Along)
  144. Laurel and Hardy: The lonesome pine, from “Way Out West”, 1937
  145. Federico Fellini “8 ½” (sequenza sottotitolata in inglese)
  146. Carlo Buti
  147. “Ideale”
  148. Verdi “Di quella Pira” Romanza cantata dal Maestro Pavarotti e sottotitolata in inglese
  149. The Pirates of Penzance (italiano)
  150. English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnY_-ROZhhE
  151. English song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNXW-ynRZUU
  152. Favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOezaf677QY
  153. Happy valentine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLqWUlPBWS8
  154. Beniamino Gigli “Opera medley from film”: …oh how wonderful a contract for the world tour…
  155. Laurel and Hardy “The Flying Deuces”
  156. North by Northwest (script) from DailyScripts
  157. North by Northwest:
  158. Vertigo (Wikipedia)
  159. Learning English – Lesson one (introduction)
  160. Hotel California
  161. Inno dell’olimpiade di Beijing, sottotitolato in inglese
  162. Franco Tenelli “Nessun dorma”, dalla “Turandot” di Puccini (sottotitoli in inglese)
  163. Luciano Pavarotti “Nessun dorma”, dalla “Turandot” di Puccini (sottotitoli in inglese)
  164. Beniamino Gigli “Non ti scordar di me”
    (Thanks to the technical advances of the time Gigli was able to make an extremely lucrative secondary career as a film star. Cinema audiences who would never had had a chance to hear him in an opera house flocked to see and hear him on the screen thus adding enormously to his international popularity and of course to the sales of his gramophone records… It was Gigli’s declared ambition to be known as the people’s singer of Italy…)
  165. Message from “ Misterduncan” (10th July 2008)
  166. 1.2 buckle my shoe – alphabet song - karaoke
  167. Cute alphabet song
  168. Subtitles (Servizio televisivo dall’Irak. L’inviata intervista un guerrigliero che contesta l’uso dei sottotitoli ritenendo che il suo inglese sia comprensibile)
    (trascrizione del testo): Once a stronghold of forces loyal to captive dictator Saddam Hussein the city of Tikrit here in northern Iraq is now firmly under the control of American forces … or is it? These members of the Iraqi resistance movement still loyal to Saddam Hussein think otherwise…
    Nothing carry on
    Are they subtitles?
    Obviously I can understand what you’re saying
    Maybe it’s a teletext you know for the hearing impaired
    No a lot of TV comes with teletext nowadays
    My friend has a…
    Obviously he’s comprehensible
    The situation remains as dangerous and volatile as ever here in northern Iraq while the re- building continues …
    Terry Downs… Iraq
    Shut up
  169. “Peccato che sia una canaglia” (con Sofia Loren e Marcello Mastroianni. Sottotitolato in inglese)
  170. Evita “Don’t cry for me Argentina” (versione di André Rieu)
  171. Evita “Don’t cry for me Argentina” (versione karaoke)
  172. Lazy Town – Master of disguise – actual karaoke test
  173. Lazy Town – Master of disguise (song)
  174. Lazy Town – Good stuff – karaoke sing-along
  175. Lazy Town – Cooking by the book (karaoke)
  176. Beniamino Gigli – “Solo per te” dal Mefistofele (1938) – subtitled in English
  177. Barak Obama (Philadelphia speech on race – subtitled in English and Spanish)
  178. Barak Obama (Philadelphia speech on race – second part)
  179. Red Sovine “Teddy Bear”
  180. “Teddy Bear” – Lyrics
  181. Red Sovine - Wikipedia
  182. Teddy Bear
  183. Teddy Bear (Wikipedia)
  184. Spot’ televisivo della ”Golden Gate Funeral Home”
    Where am I?
    - You passed away my son, this is your funeral
    - wow the new three hundred … these cars are beautiful! I’ve never looked so good before, how could my family afford all this?
    - they made a smart choice, they chose Golden Gate Funeral Home.
  185. Funeral Home (Wikipedia)
  186. Red Sovine “Phantom 309”
  187. Red Sovine “Phantom 309” – Lyrics
  188. Amazing Grace (inno scritto dal Ministro anglicano John Newton (1729-1807) (articolo in Wikipedia, con il testo)
  189. To be or not to be (Wikipedia)
  190. Singin’ in the rain (film) – Wikipedia
  191. Gene Keyy & Donald O’ Connor - Fit as a fiddle (Spanish subtitles)
  192. Fiddle – Wikipedia
  193. Geography Lesson
  194. The Continents song
  195. Southern US geography song
  196. Animaniacs - Presidents
  197. US Presidents (Wikipedia)
  198. Paul Newman – Butch Cassidy – Bicycle scene with subtitles
  199. “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” – Wikipedia
  200. Learning English – How to answer yes/no questions
  201. Rhymes for learning English
  202. English lesson 9 (in Spanish, with all the English words subtitled)
  203. English vocabulary – Lesson 12
  204. English pronunciation – Lesson 10 – Intonation
  205. Judy Garlad – Over the Rainbow (with subtitles)
  206. Wikipedia – Over the Rainbow
  207. Halloween (Wikipedia)
  208. Trick-or-treating (Wikipedia)
  209. This is Halloween (with English subtitles)
    “Every post is a gho-o-ost, if you’ve got a witch’s brew! And if you want your gate to circulate - hoho! - We can do that too! Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat for Halloween.”
  210. Trick or treat song *
  211. Donald duck -Trick or treat 1954 *
    *Il testo della canzonetta si trova in fondo alla pagina del seguente collegamento
  212. Free songs for kids
  213. Popeye’s Halloween (“Fright to the finish”: gioco di parole /pun/ con “Fight to the finish”)
  214. Disney’s silly symphony (the skeleton dance, 1929)
  215. Snow White and the seven dwarfs (1937 film) (Wikipedia)
    Sequenze del film sottotitolate in inglese:
  216. Joseph Schmidt, Ich sing dir ein Liebeslied (in tedesco con sottotitoli in inglese)
  217. Joseph Schmidt, Mandulinata a Napule (in italiano e tedesco/sottotitolato in inglese)
  218. George Washington takes the Oath of Office
    - … Ready to administer the oath of office, sir
    - I am at your service
    - General, if you will please place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand. Repeat after me: I George Washington do solemnly swear
    - I George Washington do solemnly swear
    - That I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States
    - … faithfully execute the office of President of the United states
    - And will to the best of my ability
    - … to the best of my ability
    - Preserve, protect and defend
    - Preserve protect and defend
    - The Constitution of the United States
    - … Constitution of the United States, so help me God
    - It is done, God bless George Washington, President of the United States
    - Fine, fine
    (Wikipedia)The president's term of office begins at noon on January 20 of the year following the election. This date, known as Inauguration Day, marks the beginning of the president's and vice president's four-year terms. Before assuming office, the president-elect is constitutionally required to take the presidential oath:
    “ I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.[7] ”
    Although it is not required, presidents have traditionally used a Bible to take oath of office ... George Washington began this practice, borrowing a Bible from St. John's Lodge No. 1.
    Although no law requires that the oath of office be administered by someone, new presidents are traditionally sworn-in by the Chief Justice of the United States. Washington was sworn-in by Chancellor of New York Robert Livingston, there being no federal judges before Washington took office and appointed the first of them.
  219. Ballad of the Alamo (lyrics)
  220. The Ballad of David Crockett
  221. Shirley Temple – Wikipedia
  222. Fred Astaire – Wikipedia
  223. Tap Dance – Wikipedia
  224. Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in “Broadway Melody”
  225. Movie romance (subtitled) - Singer Emmylou Harris
  226. Wikipedia – Emmylou Harris
  227. Spiritual songs by Emmylou Harris
  228. Wayfaring stranger
    I am a poor wayfaring stranger
    While traveling thru this world of woe
    Yet there's no sickness, toil or danger
    in that bright world to which I go
    I'm going there to see my father
    I'm going there no more to roam
    I'm only going over Jordan
    I'm only going over home
    I know dark clouds will gather round me
    I know my way is rough and steep
    Yet beauteous fields lie just before me
    Where God's redeemed their vigils keep
    I'm going there to see my mother
    She said she'd meet me when I come
    I'm only going over Jordan
    I'm only going over home
  229. Charlie Chaplin: Il grande Dittatore (discorso finale sottotitolato in portoghese)
  230. Cinderella: This is love
  231. Cinderella: The dress transformation
  232. The Raven – Wikipedia
    • “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe – Recital
    • Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven (narrated by Chistopher Walken)
    • Edgar allan Poe – The Raven (Peter Lorre and Vincent Price)
      Knock knock/ come in/ Knock knockc/ enter/ Knock knock/ Well upon my soul. Do you want to come in? I believe it does, well then come on . Who sent you to me? Are you some dark-winged messenger from beyond? Answer me monster, tell me truly. Shall I ever hold again that radiant maiden whom the angels called Lenore?/ How the hell should I know, what am I a fortune teller? I’m chilled to the bones. Why don’t you give me some wine? Well don’t you stand there gaping at me/ That voice/ Will you give me some wine!/ Yes, yes, here’s nice hot milk/ Milk, how vomitable!/ Surely this is a dream!/ Hurry up, will you/ Here you are/ What do you expect me to do, hold it? With what? Oh never mind… I like that/ Upon my soul/ Never mind your soul, start concentrating on getting me back to my rightful form/ Your rightful form?/ Well what do you think, I was born in this way?/ Well I have it, you’re under an enchantment/Ttook you long enough to find that out. Let’s get to work, well go ahead do something/ But what?/ Restore me to my rightful form/ But I just don’t know how/ Oh no, well you got some dried blood of a bat in the house?/ I beg your pardon?/ Bat’s blood dried or evaporated bat’s blood/No/ How about some chain links from a gallows bird, jellied spiders, dead man’s hair/ No we don’t keep those things in this house, we’re vegetarian/ And that calls himself a magician, honestly this is too much!/ Just a moment/ Yes?/ Perhaps there are some of those staples down in my father’s old laboratory/ Well don’t you know?/ Oh no, I haven’t been down there since he died over twenty years ago/ Well, let’s go and see I don’t care to remain like this for the rest of my life, oh these feathers itch/ Do you mean to say these things you requested are going to turn you back into … what were you?/ Never mind, come on, let’s go…
  233. Kristallnacht (9/10.11.2008)
  234. Carl Sagan
  235. Cosmos, A Personal Voyage
  236. Cosmos: Eratosthenes calculates the circumference of the Earth
  237. Cosmos – Carl Sagan, “Eratosthenes calculates the circumference of the Earth.”
    There was once a time when our little planet seemed immense, when it was the only world we could explore, its true size was first worked out in a simple and ingenious way by a man who lived here in Egypt in the third century B.C. This tower may have been a communications tower, part of a network running along the north African coast by which signal bonfires were used to comunicate messages of state and also may have been used as a lighthouse, a navigational beacon for sailing ships out there in the Mediterranean sea.
    It is about fifty kilometers west of what was once one of the great cities of the world, Alexandria. In Alexandria, at that time, there lived a man named Eratosthenes. One of his envious contemporaries called him Beta, the second letter of the Greek alphabet, because, he said, Eratosthenes was second best in the world in everything, but it seems clear that in many fields Eratosthenes was Alpha: he was an astronomer, historian, geographer, philosopher, poet, theater critic and mathematician. He was also the chief librarian of the great library of Alexandria and one day while reading a papyrus book in the library he came upon a curious account: far to the south, he read, at the frontier outpost of Syene something notable could be seen on the longest day of the year. On June 21 the shadows of a temple column or a vertical stick would grow shorter as noon approached and as the hours crept towards midday the sun’s rays would slither down the sides of a deep well which, on other days would remain in shadow and then precisely at noon columns would cast no shadows and the sun would shine directly down into the water of the well. At that moment the sun was exactly overhead. It was an observation that someone else might easily have ignored: sticks, shadows, reflections in wells, the position of the sun, simple everyday matters, so what possible importance might they be. But Eratosthenes was a scientist and his contemplations of these homely matters changed the world, in a way made the world. Because Eratosthenes had the presence of mind to experiment to actually ask whether back here near Alexandria a stick cast a shadow near noon on June the twenty first, and it turns up sticks do. An overly skeptical person might have said that the report from Syene was an error but an absolutely straightforward observation why would anyone lie on such a trivial matter? Eratosthenes asked himself how it could be that at the same moment a stick in Syene would cast no shadow and a stick in Alexandria, eight hundred kilometers to the north, would cast a very definite shadow. Here is a map of ancient Egypt. I’ve inserted two sticks or obelisks one up here in Alexandria and one down here in Syene. Now if at a certain moment each stick casts no shadow no shadow at all that’s perfectly easy to understand, provided the Earth is flat. If the shadow at Syene is of a certain lenght and the shadow at Alexandria is the same lenght that also makes sense on a flat Earth, but how could it be, Eratosthenes asked, that at the same instant there was no shadow at Syene and a very substantial shadow at Alexandria. The only answer was that the surface of the earth is curved, not only that, but the greater the curvature the bigger the difference in the length of the shadows. The sun is so far away that its rays are parallel when they reach the Earth. Sticks at different angles to the sun’s rays will cast shadows of different lengths for the observed difference in the shadow length the distance between Alexandria and Syene had to be about 7 degrees along the surface of Earth, by that I mean if you would imagine these sticks extending all the way down to the center of the Earth they would there intersect at an angle of about 7 degrees, well seven degrees is something like a fiftieth of the full circumference of the Earth 360 degrees: Eratosthenes knew the distance between Alexandria and Syene, he knew it was eight hundred kilometers, why? because he hired a man to pace out the entire distance so that he could perform the calculation. I’m talking about now 800 kilometers times fifty is forty thousand kilometers so that must be the circumference of the Earth, that’s how far it is to go once around the earth, that’s the right answer. Eratosthenes’ s only tools were sticks, eyes, feet, and brains plus a zest for experiment . With those tools he correctly deduced the circumference of the Earth to high precision with an error of only a few percent, that’s pretty good figuring for twenty-two hundred years ago.
  238. Delarey song (with English subtitles)
  239. Klezmer music: A jumping night in the Garden of Eden/ A freiylehke Nakht in Gan Eydn
  240. Hallelujah
  241. Silent Night (Wiki)
  242. Silent Night (karaoke, solo testo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyzguo5c8TA
  243. Silent Night (karaoke)
  244. Silent Night (karaoke): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TneZwKdzGtA
  245. Disney’s Silent Night
  246. The Children’s Gospel (Christmas)
  247. My Vocabulary Words
  248. Word World
  249. Kathy Mattea “Mary did you know?”
    (Introduzione: Ladies and gentlemen Kahty Mattea. “The first time I heard this song it instantly became my favourite song of all time. To me this song is exactly what Christmas is all about”) La canzone è sottitolata.
  250. Beniamino Gigli back in UK, 1946
    In his memoirs, published in 1957, Gigli says that Dalmatia (in Croatia, an independent state once part of former Jugoslavia) can be seen from his beautiful villa on top of a hill near Recanati. (lb)
  251. Beniamino Gigli in a short clip
    I was never lucky myself to hear Beniamino Gigli on the operatic stage, but I did hear him a number of times in concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall after the second world war and although that obviously didn’t involve acting as such, the combination of his artistry and his personality was enough to reduce even that daunting auditorium to a cosy spot where time stood still. The critics however didn’t always love Gigli quite as much as the public and he was regularly hauled over the coals for his habit of sobbing while he sang. The critic of the Daily Telegraph in London, after his first concert there back in nineteen thirty-three ended a rave review with the one caveat: next time Mr Gigli must leave Mr Gi-igli in the dressing room. Criticized for that style of singing Gigli would have replied that, as the character he’s portraying is about to be shot at dawn, he has every reason to feel upset about it, that was what Gigli wanted to communicate to his audience and communicating with audiences was what Gigli was all about. He would break into song anytime, anywhere.
    I sing for you…
    Gigli would even break into a snatch of aria while writing an autograph and this individuality of approach occasionally stayed with him during his stage work, too.

    (to haul someone over the coals: rimproverare qualcuno/Caveat: patto, condizione)
  252. Royal Albert Hall (Wiki)
  253. Klezmer Song
  254. Billy’s Christmas wish – a narration by Red Sovine
    The fat man sat on the busy street corner his white beard and red suit in rhyme his ho ho brought joy to the children for again it was Christmas time his belly would shake as he merrily laughed spreading his Christmas joy I’m Santa come sit on my knee he’d say to each little girl and boy but standing apart from the merry crowd stood a lad about seven years old with no coat to cover his bony frame he was shaking weak from the cold he had no shoes to warm his feet he looked hungry just skin and bone but with a look of peace on his humble little face he just stood there all alone when Santa saw the boy a sympathy grew and he said come here lad come here to me he covered the trembling frame with his robe as he placed the child on his knee the boy looked up into Santa’s eyes with worship for the bearded man then he said my name’s Billy and I love you sir why you’re the grandest in all the land and I didn’t mean to be no trouble Santa he went on trying hard to smile but I heard you laughing and I saw the kids and I thought I’d just watch for a while but I won’t bother you with wanting nothing sir because I already know I have been bad Santa looked down at the poor little ragged boy and he said son where is your mother and dad? Well my daddy lives in prison Santa that’s what mama says anyhow they say he shot mama’s boyfriend he’s been there a long time now and me and mama we live with Mr Brown now ma works at the bar every day Mr Brown just drinks beer and cusses a lot whenever I get in his way so I’ve been gone about four days now Santa I’ve been sleeping in cars that I find and I know that makes me a bad boy but sure have been treating me kind I’ve been praying for you since I’ve been thinking of Santa every Christmas Eve night and then the next day the kids have all the toys and I know that you made it all right and I’m so glad to see them so happy as I go walking along but my stocking is always empty that’s how I know I’ve done wrong Mr Brown told me all about it he says I just am no good and I know he’s right ‘cause you never come sir and I know if I wasn’t bad then you would it’s OK son Santa such faith he’d not seen in a while though a tear was straining to fill his eyes he looked down at the lad with a smile just tell Santa what you’d like son anything you might have in mind I didn’t know where you lived before Billy but I promise I won’t miss you next time little Billy’s face quickly grew brighter such luck he would never have guessed after thinking awhile he finally said well sir I might just have one request have you ever been to heaven Santa? why I bet you know God as good as you are could I just ride up to Jesus’s house sir if it’s not too awful far he might just let me live there a while daddy says he likes little boys and I wouldn’t take up too much room sir I’d just sit in the back with the toys and I promise not to be bad Santa and I could help God do his chores and he might even let me see daddy and I wouldn’t be hungry no more I’m so tired and sleepy now Santa said the child as he looked towards the skies with a sigh he relaxed against Santa’s chest and peacefully closed his eyes Santa quickly felt for his the little boy’s pulse someone please get a doctor he said but when the ambulance took little Billy away everyone knew he was dead the children had grown more solemn as they listened to the little boy they were no longer happy and laughing his story had stolen their joy they looked to Santa for comfort he thought for the right words to say he said now kids don’t be sad for Billy ‘cause he just went to heaven today he wanted to go and live with God so now everything’s all right let thoughts of Billy make your hearts be kind and I’ll see you all Christmas Eve night merry Christmas everybody
  255. The Tyranny of Compulsory schooling - The Great Public School Hoax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EVY4GJPz0E
    Il video è accompagnato dalla musica di Mozart (1756-1791). Mozart era un ammiratore del baritono pesarese Luigi Bassi (1766-1825) per il quale scrisse la parte di Don Giovanni nell’opera omonima, rappresentata in prima mondiale a Praga il 29 ottobre 1787.
  256. Se il mio nome saper voi bramate (Rossini)
  257. Woody Woodpecker – The Barber of Seville
  258. Concerto inaugurale in occasione della riapertura della Scala di Milano nel 1946. La ricostruzione fu completata in un solo anno, dal 1945 al 1946, appunto. Dirige Arturo Toscanini.
  259. Shirley Temple Songs - 1
  260. Don Ameche in “Heaven can wait” 1943 – short trailer
    (voice-over)For Henry Van Cleve dying was the easy part
    When did it happen Mr Van Cleve?
    Tuesday to be exact I died at 9:36 in the evening
    (voice over) now this playboy Casanova
    If you’d walked into a restaurant I would have become a waiter, if you’d walked into a burning building I would have become a fireman
    (voice-over) is about to discover that defending your life is harder than it looks (voice-over) Don Ameche and Gene Tierney
    So far as I can see you made them all very happy
    (voice-over) in the Ernst Lubitsch classic “Heaven can wait”
  261. Voice-over (Wiki)
  262. “Heaven can wait” (Wiki)
  263. Sequenza iniziale di “Heaven can wait” (da cui si può risalire all’opera completa, non sottotitolata)
  264. ELLiE (Early Language learning in Europe, comunicazione della Prof.ssa Lucilla Lopriore, Università di Roma tre)
  265. Mario Lanza in ‘The Great Caruso’ (sottotitolato in portoghese)
  266. The Lord’s Prayer (Wiki)
  267. Mario Lanza ‘The Lord’s Prayer’
  268. Twinkle twinkle little star (lullaby)
  269. Mario Lanza (Wiki)
  270. Mario Lanza TV Show – 1954
  271. Il giuramento del neopresidente degli Stati Uniti:
    Are you prepared to take the oath Senator?
    I am
    I Barak Hussein Obama do solemnly swear
    I Barak Hussein Obama do solemnly swear
    That I will execute the office of President to (sic) the United States faithfully
    That I’ll execute…
    The off… faithfully the Pres… the office of President of the United States
    The office of President of the United States faithfully
    And will to the best of my ability
    And will to the best of my ability
    Preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the united States
    Preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States
    So help you God
    So help me God
    Congratulations Mr President
  272. Johnny Cash: Ghost Riders in the Sky
  273. The Queen mother’s wedding – 1923
  274. CinemaScope (1953) – “The Robe” – Trailer
    The Robe from one of the greatest novels of all time. The most inspired story of love and devotion faith and spectacle that has ever come to life on the screen. Richard Burton as Marcellus the man who took whatever he wanted, Jean Simmons as Lady Diana the beauty whose fame was legend. Even pagan Rome itself gasped at their love.
    “I want to be your wife whatever you believe I’d marry you if I had to share you with a thousand gods”
    With Victor Mature as Demetrius, Michael Rennie as Peter the big fisherman. Here is all the sweep and spectacle the power and grandeur of a mighty era when the world of heaven was arrayed against the sword of Rome. You will see the treachery spawned by a handful of silver, the day of Golgotha, the glory that was Rome, the invincible legions, the love that defied an empire, the torture of Demetrius, intrigue and revolt, the curse of Marcellus.
  275. The Robe (film) Wikipedia
  276. Marcellino Gelindo Maturi (Victor Mature) (Wiki)
  277. Mary Poppins – Stay awake singalong
  278. Mary Poppins (film) Wiki
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