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Si presentano alcuni esempi di possibile valutazione degli alunni in un esame di lingua inglese.

All students were tested at Upper Intermediate Level

1. Bianco Bianchi (excellent)

Excellent work done all through the year. Exam very good. Excellent memory: good pronunciation and conversation.

2. Rosa Rossi (very good)

Rosa is not usually so careless as she was in the exam. Good at writing. Some difficulty in reading.

3. Vera Verdi (very good)

Vera has worked reasonably well not only this year but also last year. Exam very good. Pronunciation is good.

4. Giannina Gialli (good)

Reasonably correct, but some difficulty in exercises due to not having followed the English course: language very simple - found exam difficult.

5. Nerio Neri (very good)

On the whole, well done. Diversity of language with some mistakes. Oral very good. Has worked reasonably well during the year.

6. Violetta Viola (very good)

Violetta has attended few lessons, however her all-round knowledge of English is very good and mistakes are due to carelessness more than anything else. Good oral.

7. Marina Marroni (pass)

Disappointing exam. Has often great difficulty in expressing herself. Could do much better by studying harder.

8. Ario Aranci (very good)

Very good written test, better than work during the year. Very mature. Pronunciation good).

9. Cellina Celesti (good)

Has had very little time to study due to family commitments. However, has reached a reasonably good level even if she could do better. Oral good.

10. Gigi Grigi (fair)

Gigi has made an enormous improvement. He has studied very hard. He has found confidence and can write and speak reasonably well.

11. Bino Bluastri (very good)

Bino has worked very hard during the year and has reached a very good level. He could have done better if he had eliminated careless mistakes.

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