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Suggerimenti per la costituzione di un CRT

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Tips for the foundation of a Teachers' Resources Center (CRT)

A CRT is to be equipped with all the language educational facilities requested by the Education Ministry.

A CRT should be opened in a school of the largest city of the province, the one best served by public transport in order to allow as many teachers as possible to independently utilize its facilities.

A CRT should possibly be located in a secondary school where three or four foreign languages are taught with the assistance of native speakers and with an efficient computer science department run by experienced teachers and engineers. A school with language labs, multimedia rooms and a language library.

A CRT should be allowed to utilize also the school facilities for its activities, if necessary.

A CRT should open and regularly maintain its own web site possibly with the help of the school computer science teachers and engineers.

The CRT library should have a core collection of basic works in the field of language teaching with a catalog on line, making it possible to borrow books by post. The library could also be expanded in a short time and at little or no cost by collecting in it all the language books not utilized by the other schools of the province.

The materials published on this site can be used freely. In case of publication, websites included, please request the authorization of the Teachers Resources Center.